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Dr A Suneetha

Suneetha is a political theorist who is invested in the questions of gender and minority.  She is currently working on different cross-cutting aspects of gender and minority in relation to women’s madarsas, lives of Muslim women and Muslim personal law.  She is also working on an ICSSR funded project along with M.A. Moid on minority politics and the MIM in Hyderabad.  Suneetha was member of the Twelvth Plan Steering Committee on Minorities.  She was part of the Law and Critical Legal Theory Initiative and has worked on the project ‘Feminist Politics, Rights Discourse, the Family and Sexuality: Rethinking Women’s Suffering and Agency.’ She completed her PhD from the Central University of Hyderabad. Her thesis, “Family, Gender and Power: A Study of Women and Violence in Families in Andhra Pradesh”, looked at women’s negotiations with domestic violence, harassment and deprivation in the absence of a public discourse on women’s rights. Suneetha is the Coordinator of Anveshi and an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

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Gogu Shyamala

Shyamala is a philosopher, author and poet in Telugu.  The recent English collection of hes short stories Father may be an elephand and mother only a small basket, but… is a landmark in Telangana dalit literature in translation.  She has produced Nene Balaanni a biography of T.N.Sadalakshmi, the first dalit woman legislator in Hyderabad.  This was part of her work on a project titled ‘Dalit Women’s Biographies,(movement perspective of Dalit feminism)  This project is part of the Dalits and Minorities Initiative. Her earlier volume Nallapoddu (Black Dawn) is a collection of Telangana Madiga poetry and literature that has one critical acclaim in literary circles.  Shyamala is a prolific short story writer, and regularly publishes in journals such as Bhumika, Prasthanam, Pratighatana, Mana Telangana, Praja Kala Mandali and Nigha. She represented Anveshi and Dalit Women’s Forum in the World Conference against Racism held in Durban,2001. She is a member of the Anveshi Executive Committee.  She is currently leading an Oxfam funded research project on domestic violence and dalit women.

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Dr R Srivatsan

Srivatsan works in the Critical Development Studies, Health and Healthcare Systems, and Public Domain and Outreach Initiatives. He has written a book  on development thought that aims to provide a framework to critically examine the current practices in development policy. It is being used as a textbook in some courses.  He is currently an executive committee member of Medico Friend Circle.  His research interests include critical development studies, health care, and visual culture.  Forthcoming is his new book titled Seva, Savior and State: Essays on ‘Harijan’ Politics, Tribal Welfare and Capitalist Development.

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M A Moid

Moid’s project, The Political History of the Old City of Hyderabad, aims to map the reasons for the changing political affiliations during the 1950s and 60s. He completed his MPhil, Islamic Critique of Modernity: A Philosophical Study, from the University of Hyderabad and is currently registered for a PhD, tentatively titled Concept of Secularism: Islamic Responses to Modernity in the Indian Context. Moid worked with Dastakar Andhra, an organisation of handloom weavers, for over a decade, and is closely associated with the Confederation of Voluntary Associations, Hyderabad.

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