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The Books

The Sackclothman


Who is the sackclothman? Where does he come from? Anu’s curiosity about the village ‘madman’ leads to an unlikely friendship and a key to her own world.


Writer: Jayasree Kalathil

Illustrated by: Rakhi Peswani


Untold School Stories

Untold_School_Stories_V6_Page_01Three school stories in one book, exploring the world of Ambani-like deals, textbooks and friendships.



Three Fourth, Half Price, Bajji Bajji

Time to buy old textbooks? Wondering how to do it? Our young hero shows how to cut an Ambani-like deal.

Writer: Mohammed Khadeer Babu

Illustration: Suresh B.V.



Saheer can’t find any Muslim name in his Malayalam textbook. If these names have disappeared, surely he can help to bring them back!

Writer: Nuaiman

Illustration: Chithra K.S.


Friends in School, Not in the Village

Sreelatha and Suvarna are close friends in school. In the village, however, their castes are not easily forgotten.

Writer: Joopaka Subhadra

Illustration: Saumya Ananthakrishna

Two Named Boy and Other Stories

TwoNamedBoy_V6_Page_01The dilemma of living with two names, the baffling world of smells and stenches, and a little girl’s voyage to outer space. Three stories about children’s inner worlds.





The Two-Named Boy

Are you two people when you have two names? A boy thinks his way through this dilemma.

Writer: P.Y. Balan

Illustration: Sathyanand Mohan


Smells and Stenches

Anni’s mother always makes sure that she is spick and span when she goes to school. So why do her teachers act as if she is disgusting?

Writer: Sara Joseph

Illustration: Koonal Duggal


Shaija’s Space

As she queues up to fill her bucket with water, Shaija goes on a voyage to space…

Writer: S. Sanjeev

Illustration: Lavanya Mani

Tataki Wins Again & Braveheart Badeyya

Tataki_Badeyya_V6_Page_01Two stories about a feisty girl and an extraordinary boy and their resourcefulness.






Tataki Wins Again

Twelve year old Balamma is feisty enough to water her family’s little patch of land before the village karnam’s fields. But will she be match for the powerful – and very angry – karnam?

Writer: Gogu Shyamala

Illustration: Puja Vaish


Braveheart Badeyya

Everybody is proud of Badeyya because he is the only boy from the village who goes to school. But not all his lessons are learnt there…

Writer: Gogu Shyamala

Illustration: Rashmi Mala

Spirits from History

Spirits_From_History_V6_Page_01In the two stories in this book, Adil and Mathai both have curious problems and unexpected help.





My Friend, The Emperor

“History does not like me.” Can the mysterious friend Adil meets at the mosque help him with this curious problem?

Writer: Shefali Jha

Illustration: Chinnan


Beloved Spirits

Mathai is in despair. Who will help him plant his field before the saplings wither and die? The answer comes from unexpected quarters.

Writer: Rekharaj

Illustration: K.P. Reji


Mother_Book_V6_Page_01A shepherd boy, now a university professor, proudly recalls his mother’s struggles to lead her caste people.


Writer: Kancha Ilaiah

Illustration: Lokesh Khodke and Shefalee Jain

Moon in the Pot

Moon_in_the_Pot_V6_Page_01Old Guddawwa creates a magical world for her grandson even though her own life has been full of struggle and hardship.



Writer: Gopini Karunakar

Illustration: Nilima Sheikh

Head Curry

HeadCurry_BK_V6 fo_Page_01Head Curry┬átells the mouth watering story of cooking Sunday lunch in young Khadeer’s family.



Writer: Mohammed Khadeer Babu

Illustration: Gulammohammed Sheikh