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Anveshi has brought out several publications that have influenced critical thinking in education, minority and Dalit issues, health, culture, gender and law in India. While many of these publications have emerged directly from in-house projects and studies, mentioned here are also publications that have drawn on the critical intellectual milieu of the centre and its resources.

Many of these publications are distributed through publishing houses. Some, however, are in the form of reports, monographs and edited collections in both English and Telugu. These are available at the Anveshi library. In some cases, it would be possible for the library staff to provide copies on request, for a nominal charge. Please contact the librarian.

The following is a select list of the publications, grouped under the six main research initiatives in Anveshi.

  • Dalits and Minorities
  • Critical Development Studies
  • Education
  • Health and Healthcare Systems
  • Law and Critical Legal Theory
  • Public Domain and Outreach