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Occasional Papers & Reports

• Julika Enslin, A gentle reminder of what I did

MFC Bulletin May-July, 2016

• Devayani Prasad and Anusha Sundar, Urmila Conducts: Women and Labour in the Streets of Hyderabad.

• Anand Zachariah and R Srivatsan, Development and Health among the Gudalur Adivasi Communities: A collaborative study (2015) – Executive Summary.

• Jhumur Lahiri, Making sense of India and China: some aspects of industrialization

• R. Srivatsan, Caste and Class Discrimination in Modern India

• R. Srivatsan, “Working Paper: A critical theory of the index in healthcare and medicine”

•  Exploring the ‘Field’ and ‘Fieldwork’ in Social Science Research Report of the Internship project by Divya Nazareth

• Report on the Andhra Pradesh SCERT Social Studies Text books 

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