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Back volumes of journals

List of Print journals available in the library.

Title of the Journal & Year

1. AJWS (Asian journal of Women’s Studies) 1995-2008
2. Andhra Law Times 2006-2010
3. Andhra Pradesh High Court yearly digest 2003
4. ARIEL:a review of International English literature 1995-1999
5. Asian Women 2000
6. Cinema Circle Journal 1978, 1982-1983
7. Combat Law 2002-2004
8. Contemporary Education Dialogue 2004-2005
9. Critical Inquiry 1988-92, 1994-2006
10. Deccan studies 2004-2007
11. Deep Focus 1988-1993,1996- 1998
12. Differences : journal of feminist cultural studies 1992-1993
13. Discourse 1991-1993
14. Divorce & Matrimonial Cases 2006-2010
15. Economic & Political Weekly 1989-2010
16. Feminist Economics 1998-2005
17. Feminist Periodical 1982-1985,1988
18. Feminist Review 1984,1989
19. Feminist Studies 1985-1986,1991-1993,1995,1997-2006
20. From the lawyers collective 1998,2000,2002-2005
21. Gender Technology and Development 1997-1998
22. Genders: art, literature, film, history 1992-1993
23. Herald of Health 2001-2002
24. History Workshop Journal 1989-1992,1994-2002
25. Human Scape 1994-2001
26. Indian Journal of American Studies 1983,1989-1990
27. Indian Journal of Gender Studies 1995-1998,2002-2010
28. Indian journal of Social Work 1987
29. Indian Review of Books 1993-1998
30. International Journal of Health Services 1990-1995
31. Interventions 1998-1999
32. Journal of Arts and Ideas 1983-1984,1995-1999,
33. Journal of the history of Sexuality 1992-1994,1997,2000
34. Journal of Women’s History 1992-1995
35. Lokayan bulletin 1982-1983,1986- 1991,1993,1994,1996-1999
36. Manushi: a journal about women in society 1984-2003
37. Marxism Today 1989-1990
38. Medico friend Circle bulletin 1995-1999,2004-2006
39. New Internationalist 1998-1999
40. New Left Review 1990-1994,1997-2004
41. NIMHANS journal 2000
42. Panchayatiraj in Andhra Pradesh: manual 1994
43. Past & Present 2006
44. Psychological Foundations 1998-2002
45. Public Culture 1989-’92,’95,’97,2001-2005
46. PUCL bulletin 1996-‘99
47. Race & Class 1989’92,1997-‘99
48. Representations 1992,’93,’98,’99
49. Samyukta 2002-2007
50. Science& Society: an independent journal of Marxism 1991-’99,2001-2002
51. Screen 1990-1999,2001-2007
52. Seminar 1981-2008
53. SIGNS: journal of women in culture & society 1982,1987-1992,1994,1995-1997-1999,2001-
54. Small axe 1991-1993, 1997-1998
55. Social Policy & Society 2006
56. Social Scientist 1989-1991,1997-2001,2004-2006
57. Socialist Review 1991-2001
58. South Asia Research 1998
59. Supreme Court Cases 2006-2010
60. Supreme Court : yearly digest 2005-2009
61. The Lawyer’s Collective: law for the people 1998,2000,2002-2003
62. The Nation 1987,1989-1990
63. Third Text 1991-2004
64. Torture 1993-1998
65. Women’s Studies Quarterly 1981,1983-1985,1988-99
66. Women’s World 1985-1987,1989-1990

In Telugu

1 Bhumika 1993-2009
2 Jana patham 1996-1998
3 Maanavi 2002-2005
4 Mahilaa maargam 2002-2005
5 Misimi 2006
6 Nalupu 1989-1993
7 Prajasahithi 1985
8 Samaanthara 2008-2010



List of holidays 2014

              List of holidays for the year 2014





Tuesday Bhogi



Wednesday Sankranthi & Milad-un-Nabi



Sunday Republic Day



Thursday Maha Sivarathri



Monday Holi



Monday Ugadi



Friday Good Friday



Thursday May Day



Tuesday Ramzan



Friday Independence Day



Friday Vinayakachaturthi



Thursday Gandhi Jayanthi



Saturday Vijaya Dasami/Dusheera



Sunday Bakrid



Friday Deepavali



Tuesday Muhurram



Thursday Christmas


Panthukala Purnachandar

Panthukala Purnachandar is a graduate of Mass Communication from Telangana University (2011-13). He also holds M.Sc in Mathematics from Pondicherry University (2003-2005). His research interests focus on marginalization of minorities in media. He has obtained his B.ed from OU and has worked with a Nizamabad local paper, Poddu. Presently, he is a short term fellow at Anveshi (2013-14).

Mushtaque Ali

Mushtaque Ali is an M.Phil scholar at Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU). His dissertation is on the “Educational Exclusion of Muslims through Privatization of Education: A study of Mehboobnagar district”. His interest in Education and Muslim rights is reflected also in his M.Ed dissertation from MANUU- An Inquiry into Absenteeism among Secondary Schools in Mehboobnagar District. Apart from this, he is also a graduate of English from MANUU. Presently, he is a short term fellow at Anveshi (2013-14).

Pranoo Deshraju

Pranoo Deshraju is a graduate of English with specialization in Literary and Cultural Studies from English and Foreign Languages University (2010-12). As part of the course, she completed a short dissertation on gender subjectivity and the figure of the Slasher killer in Tamil Cinema. Her research interests revolve around questions of gender subjectivity as expressed in the sociopolitical terrain as also sexuality and violence. Presently, she is a short term fellow at Anveshi (2013-14).

Kommu Vijayakumar

Kommu Vijayakumar is currently pursuing his PhD  in Telugu Literature from Osmania University. Tentatively titled Nallagonda Zilla Dalit Kavulu Auka Parisheelana, his thesis focuses on dalit poets in the Nallagonda district of Hyderabad. Prior to this, Vijay completed his graduation in telugu from Ramchandra College, OU. He has presented papers in the telugu department of Osmania titled, Janapada Sahityam, an exploration of the life and songs of folk artists in Andhra Pradesh and Dalit la Jeevan Vidhanam on the lifestyle of the dalit community. He also holds teacher training certification from Ramkoti. Presently, he is a short term fellow at Anveshi (2013-14).

Vol.2 No.1 Health care on the agenda: crisis or opportunity? (Telugu version)

Health care on the agenda: crisis or opportunity? (Telugu version)

Telangana archives

Paper clippings (from Dec, 2009 to Dec. 2010) on Telangana movement are available in  Anvehsi library. The records are  in both print and digital from. Those who wish to access can contact  Ashala Srinivas on phone number 04027407431  during office hours, Click on the links  for sample. HEALTH

Anveshi STF Program 2013-14 call for applications

We are currently looking for (three) candidates to work at Anveshi Research Centre for Women’s Studies, Hyderabad; on specific research projects for a period of one year (1st July 2013- 30th June 2014). These projects should be in the areas of research outlined below.

The fellowship is full time and the candidates are required to be present at Anveshi 5 days a week.

There will be a programme of reading, writing, film watching and discussion over a period of four months when the fellows start work. During this period or immediately after, the fellows would begin to work on their specific projects.

During the fellowship period, specified outputs e.g. reports, working papers, presentations, etc., will have to be submitted on assigned dates. The period of fellowship may be extended, if the research shows promise.

Being a fellow at Anveshi would also involve working on the upkeep of the organization, i.e., at library, administrative and office duties, for about 10-15% of the fellow’s time.

The selection process will be based on a formal interview conducted by a standing committee, and informal discussions with three different senior members of the Anveshi academic community. The fellowship will have a stipend not exceeding Rs.1 3,000 per month, inclusive of all allowances.

Areas of interest

Muslim minorities

a) Historical and sociological investigations of migration from Hyderabad and Telangana

b) Mapping and studying educational and medical infrastructure in the old city of


c) Problems of Muslim developmental agencies in the Old city of Hyderabad


d) Historical and sociological study of social welfare policy for Dalits in Andhra Pradesh

e) Studying lives, family and community relations of 1st generation Dalit students in universities

f) Studies of Dalit movements around agricultural land


g) Women’s access to family courts in muffasil areas in relation to family law


h) Studies of practicing physicians in city slums, small towns etc.

i) Studies of patient assessments of doctors practicing in city, towns etc.

Related areas not listed above may also be considered.

Interested candidates please apply in writing, along with curriculum v itae to the address given below. We would also need the names and phone numbers/email IDs of two referees to recommend your work.

A two page statement of purpose explaining the candidate’s choice of this Fellowship and the broad area of interest should accompany the application.

The applications must be submitted by 1st June 2013.

Interviews will be held approximately by 15th June in Hyderabad. The exact date of the interview will be communicated to the applicants. Candidates should make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation.

Selected candidates will have to join on 1st of July 2013. The advertisement can also be found on Anveshi  website at www.anveshi.org.in.


Anveshi, 2-2-18/49, Dugabai Deshmukh Colony, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad-500013.A.P. Phone: 040-27423690,Email:anveshirc@gmail.com

Vol.2 No.1 Health care on the agenda Crisis or opportunity? (English version)

Health care on the agenda crisis or opportunity? (English version)