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  • Article on the illustrations of the Different Tales - Sneha Raghavan, has studied Ph.D. in English and Foreign Language University. She has written an article on the illustrations of the Different Tales books. Click on this link artetc.
  • Memories of Sharmila Rege - Manu raajyaallo….by Gogu Shyamala
  • Tribute to Sharmila Rege - It is an extremely sad occasion that we have to think of Prof. Sharmila Rege’s contribution in her absence. I got to know of Sharmila due to her essay Dalit Women’s Standpoint when I was doing my Ph.D. I met her twice, first in 2001 during a conference of CWDS on gender and social science … Continue reading
  • FAQ about Nuclear Power -   Mar 19 2011 Some basic information for anti nuclear activism: frequently asked questions about nuclear power Posted by: Srivats in Anveshi on Mar 19, 2011 I am reproducing here an FAQ about nuclear power that I had written two years ago for Kannabiran and which was probably translated into Telugu. Frequently Asked Questions about Nuclear Power What … Continue reading
  • Ravinder: The man for all seasons -   Ravinder is the senior most member of presently working staff in Anveshi Research Centre for Women’s Studies. As the single male staffer his presence is a relief for all of us, as his services are very useful and necessary. Ravinder personally feels that he has learned a lot of skilled library work from Anveshi … Continue reading
  • Adley — who started us on the web! - Adley has been the mainstay of our presence on the website since 2009.  He has, with Jayasree, set up the website and actually kept it running these four years pro bono, and also provided free space for the Anveshi website.  For reasons — good for him, and unfortunate for us — he has had to … Continue reading
  • Sultan Salauddin Owaisi: An Obituary -
  • Hegel in Hyderabad - This is a forum for sharing notes about Hegel’s Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences (1830) based on a reading of the hypertext resource available at www.hegel.net.  Inevitably, the reading will involve references to his Science of Logic, to Phenomenology, and to commentators like Marx, Lenin, C.L.R.James, Erdmann, Westphal, and others. It has been set up … Continue reading
  • Tracking Telangana - Tracking Telangana….. Tracking Telangana is an effort to go behind the scenes of the current Telangana movement. Reasons or outcome apart, this movement is extremely fascinating for its mass democratic character. Distinguished by wide ranging and active participation of diverse sections of  population – farmers, lawyers, students, employees, women, Muslims, caste groups, professionals, this a … Continue reading
  • Our Versatile Librarian - Anveshi’s quiet and self-effacing librarian, L.V. Lakshmi, has a keen interest in computerization of the library system.  She has played a key role in implementing our new on-line catalogue and currently is troubleshooting the new version of the SOUL software.  She is also at work on an M.Phil thesis in Library and Information Science, on an … Continue reading