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Institutional Culture

As an organisation Anveshi has worked to create a pluralist and democratic culture. Working alongside the founder-members are second and third generations of women and men who are establishing an identity of their own within the organisation. The younger members have brought in new areas of interest such as mental health, domestic violence and local governance. Dalit women writers have ushered in a Dalit literary tradition in Anveshi creating a vibrant forum for supporting aspiring and little known Dalit writers.

Anveshi has always worked in interdisciplinary teams where multiple expert perspectives combine with the wisdom and commitment of activists. The working team at Anveshi includes full time fellows, project fellows and short-term fellows, spread across the six research initiatives.

Our public initiatives, campaigns, workshops, talks, film festivals are addressed to a broader public, who are an important critical community for Anveshi. Towards this end, many of our studies have been published in the form of books, journal articles, and popular writings in the media. In recent years, there have been focused efforts towards translating into Telugu various debates and discussions taking place in national and international fora.