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Anveshi Research Centre for Women’s Studies is an organisation that is committed to research, critical reflection and activism that meets the demands of our historical moment. Drawing on our legacy of feminist theory and intervention, we are invested in exploring new ways of understanding contemporary issues in education, Dalits and minorities, health and healthcare systems, development studies, law and critical legal studies, and the public domain. Anveshi works at an interdisciplinary location drawing scholars and activists from many fields. The Centre is located in Hyderabad, India.

  • Public lecture on The Political History of ​Nutrition ​S​cience
  • pictures of workshop on Re-imagining Hyderabad


  1. Nilab says:

    I’m doing MA sociology in OU and my projects about feminism Im looking for previose research. I found your organization on internet. I would like to participate in your programs.

  2. Ayyagari Subramanyam says:

    I am doing my MA in public policy and governance from TISS and i am interested in interaction between law and marginalized section. i would like to intern with your organization and know how these two domains interact.

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